Frequently Asked Questions

If you are asking yourself the following questions, then an Aging Life Care Professional™ may be able to assist you:

  • Are my loved ones safe at home?
  • Are the bills being paid on time?
  • Are their health concerns and other issues becoming larger and more complex than what I can comfortably manage?
  • Are the demands and responsibilities becoming so great that I am having difficulty providing the
    level of supervision and attention they need?

Aging Life Care Professional™ FAQ:

  • What is an Aging Life Care Professional™; Formally known as a Geriatric Care Manager?
  • How do I benefit from using an Aging Life Care Professional™?
  • What to ask when looking for an Aging Life Care Professional™?
  • Who uses an Aging Life Care Professional™?
  • Are services covered by Medicare, Medicaid or Health Insurance?
  • Do all Aging Life Care Professionals™ do the same thing?

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